Ozone Oxygen Spare Parts

Ozone and Oxygen Spare Parts are specially used for water treatment equipment and air disinfection equipment assembly parts, because of low cost and low transportation costs, they are loved by customers. Therefore, ozone accessories account for the largest proportion in the ozone market.

Ozone generator for water treatment

The working principle of the ozone generator for water treatment: mainly use high-voltage discharge, electrolyze oxygen, generate strong oxide ozone, use the strong oxidative property of ozone to decompose pollutants, so that water treatment can achieve sterilization, deodorization, decolorization, COD reduction, etc.

Oxygen generator machine

The working principle of the oxygen generator machine:adopts the principle of PSA pressure swing adsorption, which pressurizes and changes the pressure of the air, and separates the nitrogen molecules and oxygen molecules in the air through molecular sieves, oxygen is retained, and nitrogen is discharged. When the power is turned on at normal temperature, it can continuously separate from the air and produce high-concentration oxygen under the condition of rated oxygen flow rate.

Ozone Detector

Ozone detector is a commonly used detection instrument, which adopts the principle of ultraviolet absorption method for measurement, and has the advantages of stable performance, flexible use, high reliability, and easy maintenance. Ozone detector is mainly used in ozone preparation workshop, chemical industry, petroleum, papermaking, textile, pharmaceutical and flavor and fragrance industry, water treatment, food and medicine sterilization workshop and other occasions.

Various types of oxygen concentrators

Oxygen generators, there are many kinds of oxygen generators on the market. Due to the different principles of oxygen generators, the use characteristics of various oxygen generators are also different. Oxygen concentrators are divided into electronic oxygen concentrators, molecular sieve oxygen concentrators, chemical oxygen concentrators and oxygen-enriched membrane oxygen concentrators according to different principles.

The molecular sieve oxygen generator is currently the only mature oxygen generator with international and national standards.

1. Electronic oxygen generator

Electronic oxygen concentrators are more common in pharmacies, and use the process of oxidation and reduction of oxygen in the air in a solution.

Pros: Quieter to run

Disadvantages: The requirements are very strict in the process of handling and use. When it is tilted or inverted, its solution will flow into the oxygen pipe and spray into the nasal cavity, causing serious damage to the user; the produced oxygen contains chemical substances; the oxygen production method consumes a lot of power .

2. Molecular sieve oxygen generator

Molecular sieve oxygen generator is an advanced gas separation technology, and the physical method (PSA method) directly extracts oxygen from the air.

Advantages: ready-to-use, fresh and natural; the maximum oxygen production pressure is 0.2-0.3 MPa (ie 2-3 kg), and there is no danger of high pressure and explosion.

3. Chemical oxygen generator

It adopts a reasonable pharmaceutical formula and uses it on specific occasions, which can indeed meet the urgent needs of some consumers.

Disadvantages: simple equipment, cumbersome operation, high cost of use; inability to use continuously and many other defects are not suitable for home oxygen therapy.

4. Oxygen-enriched membrane oxygen generator

The membrane oxygen production method is used to filter the nitrogen molecules in the air through the membrane to reach the concentration of 30% oxygen at the outlet.

Advantages: small size; low power consumption.

Disadvantages: This type of oxygen-generating machine produces 30% oxygen, which can be used for long-term oxygen therapy and health care, but medical high-concentration oxygen can only be used for first aid in severe hypoxic conditions.

How long Service life of oxygen generator machine?

Service life: After 6000 hours, the purity of oxygen production decays to 85%±3, and after 12000 hours of use, the purity of oxygen decays to 80%±3.

After 20,000 hours, the oxygen purity decays to 70%+3, and the internal molecular sieve needs to be replaced when the oxygen concentration is not enough for use.

Oxygen generator machine principle

The principle of PSA pressure swing adsorption is to pressurize and change the pressure of the air, and separate the nitrogen molecules and oxygen molecules in the air through molecular sieves.
Oxygen is retained and nitrogen is expelled. When the power is turned on at normal temperature, it can continuously separate from the air and produce high-concentration oxygen under the condition of rated oxygen flow rate.

Advantages of Quartz Ozone Spare Parts

Sufficient production/High concentration/Long life, 316L stainless steel inner electrode Anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, Thicken aluminum alloy heat sink, fast heat dissipation, not easy to corrode, wear-resistant and durable, slow heating speed

Ozone Spare Parts Type

According to the dielectric material, there are several types of Ozone Spare Parts such as quartz tube, ceramic plate, ceramic tube, glass tube and enamel tube. According to the structure of ozone generating components, Ozone Spare Parts are divided into two types: closed type and open type

Maintenance of ozone detector

1. Whether there is leakage in the intake system, whether the gas connecting pipe is worn, whether the connecting head is fastened
2. Whether the power connection line and the power socket are loose or damaged
3. Detect whether there is air leakage inside, and can smell the smell of ozone
4. Other abnormal phenomena

Functional characteristics of ozone detector

Portable, high precision, large range, high sensor sensitivity, fast data acquisition, real-time online measurement, low energy consumption, battery or AC adapter can be used. Special technology eliminates the interference of water vapor Built-in microprocessor with interactive menu, including multiple detection interval selection, 2 seconds, 10 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 1 hour. RS-232 time and date output, ozone concentration, internal temperature and pressure, and 3 auxiliary data, including external temperature, pressure and humidity.

Common Types of Ozone Detectors

There are three main types of ozone gas detectors on the market, fixed ozone detectors, portable ozone detectors, and pump-suction ozone detectors.

How Ozone Generators Produce Ozone?

Ozone cannot be stored and transported like other industrial gases because it quickly decays into oxygen. Therefore Ozone must be produced on site. 

Ozone is most commonly produced through the corona discharge method. In this method, oxygen molecules (O2) are passed between two electrodes. An electrical charge is then applied to the electrodes which causes some of the oxygen molecules to split apart and temporarily combine with other oxygen molecules making a molecule of three oxygen atoms (O3).

How to identify the quality of the ozone generator?

1.The quality of water treatment ozone generator can be identified from the aspects of manufacturing materials, system configuration, cooling method, working frequency, control method, ozone concentration, gas source and power consumption indicators. 

2.A high-quality ozone generator should be made of high-dielectric materials, standard configuration (including gas source and purification device), double-electrode cooling, high-frequency drive, intelligent control, high ozone concentration output, low power consumption and low gas source consumption.

How to choose the water treatment ozone generator?

Choose the size of the corresponding ozone output according to the disinfection water flow per hour. In the air treatment, you can choose a low-concentration economical open-type ozone generator. Including two types of air source open type and no air source open type, try to choose the air source model. This kind of ozone generator has a simple structure and low price, but the temperature and humidity during operation will affect the amount of ozone generated. The above-mentioned open type ozone generator is the simplest ozone device. 

For places with higher requirements, a high-concentration ozone generator should also be selected for air treatment. 20-50mg/m3 is used for air treatment, and the food and drug industry chooses high value. According to the conversion of the size of the space, the total usage of ozone (the output of the ozone generator) can be obtained. When used for water treatment, a high-concentration ozone generator must be purchased (the ozone concentration exceeds 12 mg/L), and low-concentration ozone is ineffective for water treatment.

Types of Ozone Generators for Water Treatment

1.Divided by the way of ozone generation: there are three types, high-voltage discharge type, ultraviolet radiation type, electrolytic type

2.According to the raw material of gas, there are two kinds of oxygen type and air type.

3.According to the cooling method, there are two types: water-cooled and air-cooled.

4.According to the dielectric material, there are ceramic tubes, quartz tubes, enamel tubes, ceramic plates, glass tubes, etc.

Industrial water ozone generator 20g

Industrial water ozone generator 20g

high frequency ozone generator 30G/h power suplly

high frequency ozone generator 30G/h power suplly

professional ozone generator 40G for air and water

professional ozone generator 40G for air and water

ozone quartz tube ozone generator 10g

ozone quartz tube ozone generator 10g

ozone tube generator spare parts power supply 110V 220V

ozone tube generator spare parts power supply 110V 220V

200g/hr industrial water treatment ozone generator

200g/hr industrial water treatment ozone generator

100g water cooling enamel ozone generator tube with power supply

100g water cooling enamel ozone generator tube with power supply

corona discharge ozone generator parts

corona discharge ozone generator parts



30-100g water cooling ozone generator quartz honeycomb tube

30-100g water cooling ozone generator quartz honeycomb tube

20G ozone generator quartz tube

20G ozone generator quartz tube

5G Quartz ozone tube

5G Quartz ozone tube

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