Oxygen generator

10 SLPM Oxygen generator machine 138 kPa 20 PSIG

High-purity PSA oxygen generator,0.2-0.3Mpa high working pressure can be customized.10 SLPM Oxygen generator machine 138 kPa 20 PSIG

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Oxygen concentration: 93%+3%
Outlet pressure: 0.06-0.2mpa


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Oxygen flow rate: 1-10L/MIN

Power: 750W

Weight: 25KG

Size: 40*40*48CM

Configuration: built-in oil-free air compressor, filter


1. Oxygen molecular sieve imported from France

2. Stable oxygen output

3. Low noise <55db

4. Oxygen concentration 93%


10 SLPM Oxygen generator machine 138 kPa 20 PSIG

  • Oxygen concentration is stable at 93±3%
  • Imported lithium molecular sieve
  • adjustable oxygen flow, oil-free air compressor

Our 10 SLPM Oxygen generator machine 138 kPa 20 PSIG is also used in hospitals because the installation of oxygen gas generator on-site helps the hospitals to produce their own oxygen and stop their dependency on oxygen cylinders bought from the market. With our oxygen generators, the industries and medical institutions are able to get uninterrupted supply of oxygen. Our company uses cutting-edge technology in the making of the oxygen machinery.

Salient features of 10 SLPM Oxygen generator machine 138 kPa 20 PSIG

  1. Fully automated- systems are designed to work unattended.
  2. PSA plants are compact taking little space, assembly on skids, prefabricated and supplied from factory.
  3. Quick start-up time taking only 5 minutes to generate oxygen with desired purity.
  4. Reliable for getting continuous and steady supply of oxygen.
  5. Durable molecular sieves that last around 12 years.

    10 SLPM Oxygen generator machine 138 kPa 20 PSIG

10 SLPM Oxygen generator machine 138 kPa 20 PSIG SPARE PARTS
1. Air Compressor (Screw type): Air is used as raw material to collect & compress air to 8 bar.
2. Refrigerated Dryer: The standard configuration removes moisture and impurities in the air, so that the air dew point reaches -20°C (the intermediate configuration uses an adsorption dryer, and the dew point reaches -40°C; the advanced configuration uses a combined dryer, and the dew point reaches- 60ºC).
3. Precision Filter: A/T/C three-stage filter to remove oil, dust and impurities.
4. Adsorption Tower: A&B adsorption tower can work alternately, regenerating adsorption, filling sodium molecular sieve to filter out oxygen molecules.
5. Oxygen Analyzer: real-time monitoring and analysis of oxygen purity, indicating that the equipment is working normally and alarming.
6. Valves & Pipelines: Intelligent control valves realize automatic operation of equipment, PLC control, SUS304 pipelines.
7. Oxygen Buffer Tank: Store oxygen with qualified purity, which can be directly piped or used for bottle filling.




Oil-free air compressors are often used in medical and other high-quality Oxygen generator machine, with no pollution, low noise, and improved exhaust air quality, so that the concentration of the oxygen generator output is significantly increased.

10 SLPM Oxygen generator machine 138 kPa 20 PSIG

Aquaculture problems caused by the increase in dissolved oxygen

Oxygen is very important for aquaculture, especially for shrimp

1. Is the dissolved oxygen up to standard?

2.The fish is not moving, not energetic?

3.Always grow poorly, get a sick and die easily?

4.Slow reproduction, low yield?

Our 10 SLPM Oxygen generator machine 138 kPa 20 PSIG solves the above problems!

10 SLPM Oxygen generator machine 138 kPa 20 PSIG

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High standard
SS304 electrode
Long lifespan
Low noise
Hygienic and durable


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Nov 12, 2021

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Ozone treatment provides a treatment that is both faster and less corrosive than traditional chlorine treatment. And it is a green strong oxidant. After it finishes its work, it can be oxidized and reduced to oxygen, which is very friendly to the environment. So we use the ozone instead of the chlorine for the wastewater treatment.


Mar 26, 2015

The purchase of the ozone air purifier coincided with the Chinese New Year, so the slight delay in shipping is understandable. After sending from China to Russia, Voronezh took only six days. There was no damage to the packaging, the courier delivered the package. The ozone air purifies itself in perfect condition. This is a rather complicated device, so I can only judge by the first impression - while everything is working. The seller entered dialogues promptly and answered all questions. I am very pleased with almost everything - the fast delivery, the ozone air purification himself, the friendliness and competence of the managers.-


Jun 05, 2012

Proper water treatment is essential for all water-containing systems, including commercial sludge treatment. Without proper water treatment, sludge treatment systems experience significant issues with corrosion,  scale, bacteria, and sludge. Not only does water treatment enhance the longevity of equipment, but it increases the energy efficiency of the system. The Health Sci-Tech offers us a nice system, it could help us a lot! We loved it, we had nice contact with each other.