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Industrial ozone generator for water treatment

500G Industrial ozone generator for water treatment,High concentration, high ozone conversion rate of enamel tube , low power consumption, stable operation for a long time. In the process of sewage treatment, ozone has the functions of deodorization, sterilization, COD reduction, decolorization and bleaching.

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Nearest Port: Guangdong, China
Ozone output:500-1000g/h custom


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Industrial ozone generator for water treatment

Working voltage: AC220V/ 50HZ or AC110V/ 60HZ

Power consumption: 200-3000W Adjustable power

High voltage output: 3600V

Frequency waveform: sine wave

Ozone production: 100-500G/H

Ozone concentration (air source): 15~25MG/L

Ozone concentration (O2 source): 80~120mg/L

Cooling method:Water cooling for internal & external electrodes

We can customize the ozone system according to your budget

Industrial ozone generator for water treatment

1.    Electrodes:

Use enamel coating as internal electrode, stainless steel as external electrode, capacity of corona resistance and machinery anti-force capacity are stronger than glass, ceramic material. Uniformity air gap between enamel coating internal electrode and stainless steel external electrode, it produces high concentration ozone output.

2.    Cooling way : Water cooled for internal & external electrodes, effective prevent high temperature rising when the tube is discharging, for ensuring high ozone concentration output.

3.    Adjustable ozone output: 20-100%. Use high-frequency & Intelligent power supply inverse system, ozone output can be changed on demand to achieve accuracy control.

4.    PLC controllable power supply : Good heat dissipation,High work efficiency, it can be control by PLC display, Input signal 0.8V~1.2V.

Industrial ozone generator for water treatment

Industrial ozone generator for water treatment



Overcurrent and overheating protection, automatic width adjustment, manual width adjustment Adjustable frequency, not afraid of short circuit, support continuous work

High efficiency (conversion efficiency over 90%), power Low heat generation, low noise (or no), stable performance

Industrial ozone generator for water treatment


Industrial ozone generator for water treatment is driven by a dedicated integrated block, with high frequency and IGBT output. The power tube of the new circuit has anti-peak suppression, which eliminates the damage of the transistor caused by the anti-peak and prolongs the service life.-Industrial ozone generator for water treatment


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High standard
Hygienic and durable
Long lifespan
SS304 electrode
Low noise


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Nov 12, 2021

Would you like to know how performance monitoring of your water treatment system can deliver valuable insights that let you reduce costs? Also how to make a design your water treatment system?

Listen to these guys discuss how you can do this – they will make the perfect equipment for you! They’ll tell you how getting to know the costs involved in your water treatment system can help you react to and even avoid the activities that cost you extra.


Dec 12, 2019

Ozone treatment provides a treatment that is both faster and less corrosive than traditional chlorine treatment. And it is a green strong oxidant. After it finishes its work, it can be oxidized and reduced to oxygen, which is very friendly to the environment. So we use the ozone instead of the chlorine for the wastewater treatment.


Mar 26, 2015

The purchase of the ozone air purifier coincided with the Chinese New Year, so the slight delay in shipping is understandable. After sending from China to Russia, Voronezh took only six days. There was no damage to the packaging, the courier delivered the package. The ozone air purifies itself in perfect condition. This is a rather complicated device, so I can only judge by the first impression - while everything is working. The seller entered dialogues promptly and answered all questions. I am very pleased with almost everything - the fast delivery, the ozone air purification himself, the friendliness and competence of the managers.-


Jun 05, 2012

Proper water treatment is essential for all water-containing systems, including commercial sludge treatment. Without proper water treatment, sludge treatment systems experience significant issues with corrosion,  scale, bacteria, and sludge. Not only does water treatment enhance the longevity of equipment, but it increases the energy efficiency of the system. The Health Sci-Tech offers us a nice system, it could help us a lot! We loved it, we had nice contact with each other.