Design And Development

KQ Environmental Tech has a comparatively strong capacity for research and development based on customers' requirements. Currently, We have successfully developed remote control, smart touch screen, and large-scale ozone application processing systems, including a series of complete systems such as ozone quality inspection and control system, ozone intelligent control cabinet, ozone gas distribution, and ozone intelligent added output. Its performance stability is higher than that of products in the same industry, and its service life is more than 10 years.

Whole Quality Control System

Incoming material checking

All casing must be sorted before in production line; 

Controller, ozone generator raw materials must be inspected and tested by AQL level before incoming; High voltage power supply must be fully tested before mounting;

Online inspection

Ozone generator aging, leak test, concentration test. 

Full inspection of rechanging, discharging, and aging tests to the battery cells.

The final inspection

Casing came apart. Failed to mount. Corrupted contents will be picked; 

Bad Power board raw materials will be sorted and returned to the suppliers;

Improve performance stability

Besides running these benchmarking tests, to make sure the product's longevity, durability, and manufacturer's reputation, we have a record of different vendors writing down their fail percentages and spotted the excellent raw material suppliers.